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We are proud of our work and our passion shows. Lononno Concepts is in the music, design and building of private and professional studios since company conception. Our high standards guarantee client satisfaction and our confidence is founded in our experience and intimate knowledge of industry standards.


Projects we are proud to create:

Multimedia Presentation / Conference room Design and construction

The purpose of these rooms is that the idea or presentation is understood. In our meeting rooms, every seat is seen and heard as though the meeting were one-on-one.

Commercial Video and Cinema Facility Design and Construction

Similar to Professional Recording Studios with the addition of stage lighting, screen selection options, movable partitions, etc.

Educational Facilities

Students score higher when they can focus on the material being presented. Classroom acoustics is critical to educational goals.

Performance and Entertainment Spaces

The key to a great performance and experience is often in the space itself.  All of the room components; seating, view (from both the audience and performer perspective), ensemble of the players, and the interaction of the audience create a memorable performance and are the hallmark of a well designed hall.

Home Recording Studios

Just because it is in your home, doesn’t mean that it won’t be professional grade. Many professional composers, musicians, and producers prefer to work out of their own home recording studio with great success.

Industrial acoustical applications

Noise and equipment sound isolation. From private home to large industrial facilities.

Home Theaters

Time to relax and get away. You might not want to go to a commercial cinema again after watching a movie in one of our Home Theaters

Professional Recording Studios

We plan Professional Recording Studios from the ground up. Usually meaning commercial facilities, these include; live recording and rehearsal areas, critical listening rooms (mastering/mixing/production), and more. We also carefully plan all the support aspects of a facility such as: electrical installation, HAVAC, living areas, load-in access requirements (loading bays/doors), storage, offices, machine rooms, handicap access, rest rooms, etc.

The Recording Studio Design Process

The recording studio design process consists of five phases. Having multiple phases helps keep the project focused, organized, compliant with construction codes, and minimizes risk. It helps us narrow in on the best design before committing time and money to the details. 

At the beginning of each phase Lononno Concepts will provide you with a proposal, which you can either accept or decline. During each phase we will send you progress updates and obtain frequent feedback from you. At the end of each phase I’ll present you with deliverables for your approval.

recording studio miami
recording studio miami

Recording Studio Design - Initial Phase Requirements and Scope

We’ll discuss the project goals and define the functional requirements and projected budget. With your input, Lononnoconcepts will determine the size of each studio room needed to meet usage requirements (e.g., required working space for occupants and gear) and acoustical objectives.

We’ll also carefully consider which modern recording studio design best practices are best suited to your specific needs, and explore these options with you.

Customized to Your Style
Customized to Your Style

Recording Studio Design - Phase One Schematic Design

Once we’ve defined the requirements, we’ll create preliminary studio plans and present them to you for feedback. We’ll discuss the drawings and revise them to your satisfaction. These drawings will give you the opportunity to verify that I have correctly interpreted your desires and requirements. 

Throughout Phase 1, I’ll send you schematic floor plans and 3D images of the rooms.


2D schematic floor plan, 3D Sketchup model of the interior, room visualizations (conceptual illustrations, rendered illustrations).

  • 2D floor plan / room layouts: Considering your requirements and the space available, I’ll determine the optimal shape and layout of the rooms, and I’ll illustrate how they fit together in a floor plan of your studio.
  • 3D conceptual model of the interior: Since it’s important for you to be able to visualize the design before committing to details, I’ll provide you with 3D visualizations of the room layouts. This will help you understand what it will feel like to work in each room.
Attention to Detail
Attention to Detail

Recording Studio Design - Phase Two Design Development

Here we will check that everything is up to code and refine the design as needed. We will develop the approved schematic design layout into a set of drawings that illustrate how the studio would look when constructed. We may also conduct feasibility and construction cost analysis.


Floor plans, elevations, sections, site plan, 3D Sketchup model of the full studio, room visualizations (rendered illustrations and animations).

Recording Studio Design Process - Phase Three Construction Documents

After you have approved of the studio concept design, we will produce the detailed blueprints needed for construction. We will collaborate with our team of architects and engineers to produce this complete set of working drawings.


A full set of working drawings including:

  • Floor Plans

  • Elevations

  • Sections

  • Reflected Ceiling Plans

  • Acoustic Treatment Specifications and Mounting Details

  • Isolation Details

  • Door and Window Schedules

  • Electrical, Lighting, and HVAC drawings 

Phase Four - Recording Studio Construction Construction Observation

Once the design is complete, Lononno Concepts will start the physical groundwork so that your studio will be built as specified in the construction drawings. There will be a constant flow of communication on things such as, Deadlines, materials used on the project and specialty itemizations.

Why Lononno Concepts?

Luxury exotic and exclusive materials

When building and designing professional recording studios we give our clients availability to materials and design options that only Lononno Concepts can provide.

Between our exclusive luxury exotic wood collections from our international connections in Europe, Asia, and middle east. Or our unique medium mixing of woods metals and stone for a truly breathtaking ambiance. Choosing Lononno Concepts provides the widest and most exclusive array of options and luxurious optimization.   

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