The Bathroom Remodel Process A Bathroom remodel Miami style

A bathroom remodel Miami style requires not just any contractor.  Here we outline how we work to get you the best bathroom remodel or new bathroom possible.  Please look around to learn more.

How We Work to Achieve the Bathroom Remodel of Your Dreams

Our bathroom remodel or new bathroom design process is free of headaches and will be a very pleasurable experience.  We have mastered the process so as to be efficient and save time and money. The process is broken into four parts:

The Bathroom Remodel or New Design Brief

In the initial bathroom remodel design meeting we will gain an insight into your lifestyle, how you use your home and all of your wants & desires for your dream bathroom. This helps us design a space tailored to suit all of your specific needs. 

We encourage you to create your own “idea-books”, home designing, decorating and remodeling research tool Houzz, is a great resource for this, this tells us about the colors, style and overall aesthetics that the client admires. We can then incorporate the client’s style into their final designs.

The Bathroom Design Process

Once all the information from the design brief has been collated we are now ready to start to use our design talents. With one of the most advanced CAD packages in our industry and extensive research into the latest trends our designers will put together initial concepts of your desired bathroom remodel.

Any concept from our progressive design company will evoke thought, emotion and discussion therefore we make a point of arranging our presentations at a suitable time for all parties involved with making decisions on the concept of the new bathroom design collectively.

The Bathroom Remodel or New Bathroom Design Proposal

At this stage the project becomes really exciting for both ourselves and the client, as the concept is presented on a large screen to almost photographic reality and starts to provide a real sense of what is possible. Our bathroom remodel designers will use their experience to make suggestions for all aspects of the design ensuring the completed room is a success.

Only once you feel completely comfortable with our proposal would we ask you to commission us with your project.  We suit any style, whether it is classical, contemporary or minimalist.

The Installation

Our expert bathroom installation team will transform your designs into reality.

Through expert project management, our clients receive the highest standard of customer care and attention, at all stages of the process making your Lononno Concepts Bathroom Remodel experience a pleasurable journey.

Timeliness and effectiveness:

Installation is a tricky perfectionist process and we are here to help guide you along the way and get it right as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We take the initiative to make the installation process as easy as possible, but sometimes that requires a little more time to get it right due to our complex designs and our bespoke offering of products.

We would rather to take the time required to install your new bathroom with the professionalism and care it merits so we can leave you with a look and finish unrivaled by any competitor.

Our fitting teams are made up of trade-specific craftsman who are extremely professional, friendly and always treat your home as if it was their own. Some of our clients almost miss them when they leave and constantly give them praise for the work they have done.

Bathroom Styles

Contemporary Bathrooms

Contemporary Bathroom Design, Supply & Installation

Our modern bathrooms bring together a clean and simple look with a sleek feel. If you are considering a modern bathroom design it should incorporate geometric shapes, clean lines and minimal use of color.

You can easily turn a bathroom with a modern design into a sanctuary of comfort and luxury. As it will be getting used every single day it is important that you get the design and feel of the space exactly right so you can enjoy it.

Modern bathroom design has a vast scope, transforming a dull space in to a fantastic, relaxing retreat that will leave you feeling recharged and refreshed.

Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional Bathroom Design, Supply & Installation

Going for a traditional bathroom design means you can relax in an elegant and classic interior with features that have stood the test of time. Traditional bathrooms are identikit in their design, there are a wide range of styles to choose from, such as Victorian and Georgian.

Taking inspiration from past eras is a great way to create the luxurious space you have been dreaming of. 

Lononno Concepts Bathrooms

Bathroom Remodel and New Bathroom Design, Supply & Installation

Your bathroom should be more than just a functional space, renovating your bathroom is the perfect opportunity to create a space that mirrors your style and taste as well as meeting those practical requirements. Creating a space that is exactly tailored to you in every way ensures you look forward to every relaxing bath or invigorating shower.


• Make the most of the space you have available with a tailored layout and storage solutions

• Create a space that is designed exactly with your requirements and tastes in mind

• Additional personal touches such as LED lighting and digital speakers for music

En-Suite Bathrooms

En-Suite Design, Supply & Installation

Having an en-suite bathroom is growing in popularity as homeowners take advantage of their convenience and additional privacy as a separate personal bathroom.

Whether you decide to have a shower and fully tiled wet-room, or you prefer a relaxing soak in the bath, your en-suite bathroom can be tailored to whatever size and style works best.

Luxury Wet Rooms

Wet Room Design, Supply & Installation

Wet rooms provide so much more than just a functional space, we design them to your exact specifications to create an in-home retreat that allows you to relax and unwind in a comfortable and stylish space. High quality fixtures and design elements are incorporated, including mood lighting and tactile materials that make going for a shower something you look forward to every day.

Luxury Mobility Bathrooms

Mobility Bathroom Design, Supply & Installation

Mobility bathrooms can incorporate modern, stylish design without having to compromise on the functionality that is integral to it.

Your bathroom should reflect your style, taste and design preferences to create a space that is both relaxing and comfortable, while incorporating whatever aspects that are necessary to make it a practical space for you to use.

Luxury Cloakrooms

Cloakroom Design, Supply & Installation

A cloakroom is a fantastic practical addition to any home, but it is also a chance to express your style as you decide upon its appearance. Bagno bring together the highest quality design elements, fixtures and tactile materials to ensure your cloakroom reflects your style preferences, making you proud to show the space off to visitors.

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